Saturday 23rd September

Walk 8 - The Aislabie Walk

Length 8m; Grade - Moderate; Price £7

Description: During the mid-18th century William Aislabie owned estates at Fountains, Studley Royal, Laver Banks and Hackfall. He and other members of the Aislabie Family created a picturesque landscape to delight their guests and transported them by carriage and on horseback through this sublime countryside on byways and tracks. Richard will take you on the short(ish) southern section of the walk and whet your appetite for the full 17.5 miles! Bring a packed lunch or use Fountains Abbey Tea Room for a late lunch.


Walk 9 - A Folly of a Walk

Length 13m; Grade - Strenuous; Price £10

Description: Thanks to some intriguing wealthy landowners, the countryside around Masham is home to some particularly quirky follies. This walk takes in some of them, together with a fairly steep hill or two and a pleasant walk back along the river into town. Bring a packed lunch. Car share to start.


Walk 10 - Crackpots Mosaic Trail

Length 7m; Grade - Moderate; Price £6

Description: Something unique to the area – a circular walk featuring 22 original mosaic panels (designed and produced by locals) depicting local features which you may see on the walk. Follow Patrice (one of the originators of the project) through moors, valleys and hamlets, to green lanes and woodland. A particularly appropriate walk this year as 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the opening of the walk. Car share to start.


Walk 11 - Quakers, Queer Stuff and Views

Length 7m; Grade - Moderate; Price £6

Description: Wildlife Blogger, naturalist and Local Lad, Nigel Heptinstall will take you on an exploration of Lower Nidderdale visiting one of the dale's oldest houses, signs of the ancient Knaresborough Forest, ancient route-ways and all with wonderful views and panoramas, weather permitting of course. Car share to start.


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